Ex Astro Traveller-Nathan Colella



Before I start I want to give a little warning, some things may be disturbing to the reader or may sound unbelievable but I assure you everything I write about happened.
This all started when I was sixteen years old, I had just started my work experience at the place my dad worked. I remembered seeing a TV programme the night before about out ofastro body experiences and didn’t doubt it for a second, I was always a huge believer in ghosts and the paranormal. I talked to my dad about it and he mentioned he had tried it when he was younger but never pursued due to it actually working, scaring him to death.
I then started looking it up online and the techniques on how it was done, to my surprise it was very common to experience, so I started printing off a load of pages to read when I got home. I did a lot of reading that day, thought when I went to bed I would give it a go, what did I have to lose?
I lay there for couple hours trying these techniques but got frustrated it didn’t work, so I gave up and tried to go to sleep, to my surprise as soon as I nodded off suddenly I got this tingling sensation and vibrated suddenly, my eyes weren’t open at this point but I could see myself floating up to the ceiling, feeling like I was weightless. I panicked so much I thought I was having a heart attack and did everything to float back down to my body, I felt a “snap” when I got back in and couldn’t believe what just happened. From then on I followed my dad’s advice and never tried it again. I must have been eighteen or nineteen when I plucked up the courage to try it again, I just left school and my IT training scheme. I had no job and not much to do, so I decided to pursue my thirst for knowledge and wisdom, this empty void inside that I desperately tried to fill with answers. Only God knows what was about to follow.


As a child I constantly read books about ghosts and aliens, usually from the library and school. I had a very strong thirst to know the truth about these matters, I had no idea where this thirst came from, but only that later on in life I knew I would go on a quest in search of truth. I spent a lot of time alone as a child, this gave me plenty of time to be alone with my thoughts and contemplate. I would go into these “meditation” like statesmeditation-by-sea where I would ask questions about the universe and received detailed analogies on how everything worked, also revelations about ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. Some of these revelations included how to dismantle the big bang theory, how we live in an illusionary matrix like a computer game, how ghosts existed and things about dying. I must have been eight years old when this was happening. I went to high school and moved about a few times and got distracted in life (as you do), but I have memories of when I was really young that I couldn’t explain. For instance when I was less than one year old, I remember being placed in a metal bowl to be weighed, and what the nurse looked like. Another memory was when I lit a match and set my nappy on fire, I watched myself doing this in third person. A few other accidents I had, in which I was out of body watching myself do these things. I really don’t know why or how this happened, later wondered if it was actually me doing it? Or was something influencing me to do it? Who knows? A few times in my life I would get stuck on something like a computer game or fixing stupid problems with my pc, and because I was so dedicated to sorting these problems out, I would go to sleep with these questions constantly on my mind, and in my dreams I would get detailed instructions on how to sort these problems out. Almost like a YouTube walkthrough video, so I would wake up and go try these out, and they worked!! I don’t really know to this day where this information came from, unless I tapped into some kind of human collective consciousness?


At the start of this journey I thought I would resume my out of body experience experiment, as now I had no job and not much to do. At this point of my life I was very depressed and had a “screw life” attitude. This is hard to admit but I had a horrible time through school and not much luck with girls. I got into heavy metal music and took a rebellious life style, went to rock nights with my mates and got involved with likeminded people. For the first time in my life I felt like I fit in with a crowd and I was understood. I grew up an atheist and a God hater for everything I went through and never thought twice about it. I didn’t believe in God, but if he did exist I was really mad at him for letting me go through this crap. After being atheist so long I started getting into science because I loved knowing how things worked and the technical side of things.
I had questioned so much as a child about God, which I had run out of questions and had no answers; I got really frustrated with this so I gave up. I really liked science because I thought I could get closer to figuring life out and getting answers to my very deep questions. When I resumed my out body experiences I used it as a form of escapism, due to being depressed and unhappy with the world, I used it to go to different places and meet different beings.


It was a totally new life for me and very exciting! I used to visit different planets, meet with very strange beings and I was limitless to what I could do. Flying was always my favourite due to being able to feel the wind hitting my face, the speed and hearing the roaring of the wind passing my ears.
Some things were very adrenalin pumping! It’s understandable why some people would think these are only dreams, unless you have done this for yourself, you can’t really put it into words.
Apart from saying that it’s probably more “real” than real life, You can see more colour, can sometimes see in 360 degree vision, things taste incredible and if done right, you can be in perfect control. You could say it was like lucid dreaming, I found it hard to distinguish the two, until I felt myself leave and come back from my body. For those who don’t believe in Astral Projection (as it’s called) I suggest looking it up, but don’t recommend trying it. Although at the time I did this every night for two years, I wasn’t expecting what followed. In these out of body experiences I started becoming very spiritual in my life, becoming close to God from what I felt. Being an atheist most of my life, this was hard to accept, but I had come to a point in my life I surrendered and I wanted out.


I didn’t want to be here anymore and I wanted to be in the afterlife. I had shed my fear of death and become accustom to the spiritual realms. I just stayed in bed all day and night going out of body, kind of like what some gamers do games, but in out of body experiences instead.
This went on for about two years; I was starting to exhibit strange symptoms in waking life, such as speeding and slowing down of time, and moments of great clarity.
I would be out with my friends and they would wonder what was wrong with me, sometimes I would get over whelming feelings of love and oneness with all and everyone around me. I would get very strong spiritual realisations and understandings come through to me.


When I was about nine or ten, I had a ghostly experience in my cousin’s house. I was lying in bed and felt something press down on my legs, I thought it was the cat but realised it was so heavy I couldn’t move. I sat up to throw the cat off but there was nothing there, just an embedded shape on the quilt. Obviously, I was terrified but just tried to ignore it. My second experience was when I was on a ghost hunt in Margam Castle in Port Talbot, here I met Richard Felix the historian off “most haunted” the TV programme. I wondered off into an empty room just to go exploring, this room has no doors or windows, just an empty room with a table and two chairs in it. I went in and suddenly one of the chairs flipped over so I ran out the room as quick as I could.

In later years I had plenty of ghostly experiences and weird things going on, not really going to go into detail about these. Few months later my brother and I attended a psychic course, to develop psychic ability. It was here I experienced my second attack, which I didn’t know what was happening at the time, but later in my life I found out what it was and how to deal with it. I was sitting at the table listening to the guy talking about spiritual things, I kind of zoned out because I knew more than he did, suddenly I started getting REALLY hot, I mean it felt like I was burning alive! The sweat started dripping off me, I panicked and didn’t know what to do, and everyone in the room just stared at me not knowing what was going on.  At that point, my mind started going all weird and I couldn’t think straight, the psychic guy tried snapping me out of it by asking me maths questions, which I’m useless at anyway. I went to the toilet and washed my face, I thought to myself, that I never experienced this before and what was it? The guy told me it was a ghost of a boy who died outside this pub a few weeks ago, and tried to connect with me as I had burns all over my body. Later on in life I realised it wasn’t this at all.


When I was in my out of body stage in my life I started making journals of what I experienced, I started getting prophetic visions on the future and end of the world scenarios. I couldn’t understand this because I had not known of anything that suggested we were in the end times. This was in the 2003-2004 time period. A month solid I was having OBE’s and every single one I was in a tsunami and getting hit by one, didn’t understand what was going on until a month later the Asian tsunami hit in the beginning of 2004, I was pretty freaked out by this! From this point I started paying close attention from now on. I was getting visions of martial law, wars against the people vs. government, zombie apocalypses; sink holes swallowing people and a lot more things. The one that stood out for me the most was the “Staged” UFO invasions. I have been having these for years, usually in these visions, these UFO’s come down and destroy big cities and I’m the only one that knows what’s going on, shouting at people who are running round in terror. I seemed to know that these UFOs were holograms or government ships used to deceive the public.  I tried warning people of this false UFO invasion, but everyone was running round screaming in panic. Was only till 2011 I realised what these dreams meant, I will discuss this topic later in the chapter “the alien deception”


When all this was going on I was currently living with my parents, I had opened up an MSN chat room called “Astral Projection” for chatting to likeminded people. It was in this room I met my friend Brad and a few others. I also met my ex girlfriend online around this time, for years later I would get to know these people intimately. Brad got me involved with a group on MSN that was lead by a few psychic women, one of them whom he was dating. This group of people invited me in and made me feel special by giving me free readings and revealing secret knowledge to me, but after a few weeks I started noticing some very disturbing things.  First thing I noticed was they had a strange obsession with dragons and having dragon spirit guides, At this point I began having an interest in dragons too. The next thing I noticed was brads girlfriend started telling me she was a vampire, me being me I laughed my head off and just thought she was a nut job. She would tell me she used to black out and another personality would take over, and would grow fangs.

At this point I had no idea what I was getting into; I just shrugged this off as being ridiculous and didn’t really take any notice. I don’t know what happened next, apart from the group accusing me of being a spy and revealing their secrets, I was really confused what was going on, At this point I thought about quitting because it was getting too strange for me. I had created an MSN group and made articles on my current understandings of the spiritual subjects I had learned up to this point. Brad started behaving very strange, believing the group about me being a spy and infiltrating their group, suddenly I was about to experience something I will never forget.


Some presence surrounded my room that I had NEVER felt before, this was my first ever experience with a negative spirit and it stayed in my room for a good while.
I had no idea what it was at the time but I knew one thing, it felt disgusting, vile and evil beyond words. I felt a sickness in my gut that I really couldn’t explain, still to this day not felt something this bad. The atmosphere in my room felt so heavy, felt like tar and I could cut it with a knife.
It got to the point I couldn’t stay in my room anymore, it was poison.
I slept downstairs for a few weeks and at that time I went to Download festival in 2004.
When I was in the festival I went back to normal and felt fine, as soon as I came back and walked into my room it HIT me like a wall of bricks. I decided I had enough of this and did everything I could to get rid of this presence. At this point I realised that demons were real.
In later years I would l would learn to recognise this feeling and how to deal with these demons or disturbed spirits.

I quit this group and decided to ignore it all, thought it was a pile of crap. One day I was sitting at my PC with the TV on and a programme came on that grabbed my attention, “the 10 most ridiculous conspiracy theories” so I began to watch. The usual nine theories I had already heard of but at number one was David Icke talking about the royal family being 5d-reptilian-2human reptilian hybrids. For some unknown reason I didn’t laugh or think it was stupid, my gut told me to take note and research this, surely no one in their right mind would go public with this and face ridicule if there wasn’t at least some truth in it. I spent two weeks reading one of his books and articles on the subject. It was here I was about to learn something very important that would save my friends life. I had gathered enough information and sent it to Brad, I had learnt this group was corrupt and connecting spiritually to something very demonic, Brad told me he had been invited to America where these girls lived. I told him not to go because I believed they would do something very bad to him, he later saw the truth and backed out and I was very glad! At this point I believed these people to be possessed by these reptilian entities David Icke went on about, as the whole vampire and reptilian subjects seemed to be very similar. I made connections on vampires actually being shape shifting reptiles that could shift from human into reptile beings who would feed on humans. I thought the whole “vampires being bats” a false image, throwing people off. I know I’m being really vague here and not going into the reasons why I believed this, but research like Icke has done goes very in depth in this area.
Lets just say now I know what they REALLY are; I will get into detail later on.

Once all this drama was over I started getting back into truth seeking and experimenting with out of body experiences and advancing my spirituality and oneness with the universe. At the time it was like being high on drugs, I would have moments of lucidity where I would feel ecstasy and overwhelming love and connection with all around me. Not long after I became aware of the conspiracy side to what I was getting into and the connection it had with the spiritual world.
You wouldn’t think they both had a connection, but they are connected more closely than you could imagine, I just didn’t know it at the time.
The more I looked into it I realised how dominant it was in the world and where it was all headed, it started bringing me down energetically and emotionally. At the time I knew it was a part of my journey and needed to learn this information for later in my life, and how right I was.


These overwhelming amazing feelings I used to get stopped after a while, and it was like I was coming down off drugs, got depressed again and thought of ways of getting these happy feelings back into my life. Later when I moved into my own place, I was researching psychedelic drugs and how they played a part in our history. The ancient civilizations used them to speak with the spirits and gain advanced knowledge, also how tribes would gain enlightenment.
I started doing heavy research on psychedelics and what they all did, pros and cons.
When I was satisfied with what I had researched I started taking these drugs to experiment and try to interact with the spirit world in a more lucid state.

I first started with magic mushrooms, I did this on my own at night time, and I planned tomagic stay in bed and just go with the flow and see what happened. The aim was to connect to higher spiritual realms and maybe connect with a divine intelligence, diving deep into the unknown and I wasn’t afraid to what would happen. I had dedicated my life on finding the truth and I went where ever the truth took me, good or bad. I had just finished reading DMT the spirit molecule where volunteers under a controlled environment weredmt undergoing an experiment. These people were injected large amounts of DMT into their bloodstream and recorded the experience under supervision by Rick Strassman.
These people were forced out of body and were in the presence of strange beings and went to strange places, I wanted to experience this for myself if I was going to be able to learn and judge it.
My philosophy is that I can’t preach about something unless I have done it for myself.

Long story short, in my mushroom experience it went on for six hours. In this time I experienced things such as pure bliss and joy, an overwhelming feeling of love and oneness with all, pure ecstasy.
I felt as though I was melted into my bed and it was one with me, felt like I was having a constant orgasm for six hours, pretty mind blowing experience, also couldn’t stop laughing!
Also the artwork on my walls came out in 3D and I kept having visions of my being a triangle of light interconnecting into a huge web of light triangles, was odd.

I then took LSD few months later and just experienced being really happy and listening to music that felt like it was pumping out of me, the experience was weak and didn’t last long.
I took a huge dose of salvia one time with some friends and it taught me a massive lesson.
Basically I lost my sense of direction and my vision opened up in 360 degree vision, the room went into a mish mash of repetitive images. I felt as though my brain was brokenbrokin and wasn’t working so I panicked and went to lie on the floor so I KNEW I was on the floor, I had no idea where I was. I saw this blackness come and took away my vision completely. According to my friends I blacked out for five minutes. I remember myself being in a black void alone, looking at my life in a small box in the distance where I could see my friends waving their hands in front of my face, I remember thinking I didn’t have an identity and I wondered if I should go back to my “play” as Nathan, like it was a movie. I remembered thinking I was playing a role, and I shouldn’t leave. As I could see this box coming closer I could hear a really loud laughing in the distance and getting closer, I realised it was me going back into my body, when I was completely back I had no idea what I was laughing at, my friends said I was laughing so hard, but my soul wasn’t laughing. From that day on I knew something was wrong but couldn’t explain it, so I never touched anything again.
I thought I knew everything about psychedelics, which I probably knew a lot, but nothing can prepare you from what’s on the other side !


From here I started looking into these spirits that the ancients used to contact with and their message to humanity, our history with psychedelics and how ancient knowledge connected with this subject. I was very huge on alien and UFO research about this time in my life too, I previously researched it but not in depth as I was at this point, after my psychedelic experiences it got my curious why people were having experiences where they would be abducted while under the influence, and meeting these beings.  Around this time I was writing my previous book and made it into a website for those who might be interested in the truth and my experiences with them, I know it was around this time because I was incorporating my psychedelic experiences into a chapter, I would still be adding to this book years later after I finished, slowly updating information I found.


I had been meditating since I started this whole journey and it aided in my OBE’s and I learnt a lot about the chakras and my spiritual energy pathways, I used these efficiently and used them in my everyday life. Unfortunately I didn’t know what it was doing to me in the wrong run, which I finally learned recently (end of summer 2013).


In my OBE’s I was constantly seeing UFO’s and talking to alien beings who would give me messages.
These messages would tell me I’m from some other planet incarnated on earth to help humanity in aiding evolution. That when I went out of body I was going home, and I wasn’t on earth for long, that I would help spread the message they gave me, they fed me very detailed information about the occult and gave me visions of my past lives. It wasn’t just visions they gave me, but I literally felt very deep emotions and felt in my soul it was true. They basically told me what I wanted to hear, and shown me what I wanted to see. They made me feel very special and that I was a select few who knew this information. This also had the side effect of depression because I felt alone and I was alienated from the world and no one understood me, making me feel how I felt in my childhood and teens. I thought I might be crazy and that it was all in my head, but knowing the people I had met and the supernatural things that were happening externally in my life reminded me it wasn’t in my head, but in fact happening in everyday life. One thing that happens when you contact these spirits is that they create synchronicities in your life; they guide you and show you things that happen in front of your face you can’t deny. They make supernatural things happen in your life so you feel it’s a confirmation that it’s real.


I was confused as why I never met any spiritual beings on my psychedelic trips and only did when I went out of body; shortly after I gave up psychedelics I kept having more dreams about aliens again.
One night I was sleeping, I woke up after a weird dream then nodded off back to sleep. I was still awake but slipping into that state you start dreaming but still awake, I had this very clear vision of a UFO above my house with two grey aliens in it, I heard a very clear voice in my head “can we come in?” I subconsciously said yes, and suddenly my body started vibrating so hard I felt like I was being electrocuted and tortured. I shouted so loud for it to stop, I was paralysed and kept shouting for it to stop. Once the vibrations started disappearing I could start moving again and I sat up, I saw this shadow being in front of me with this cold stare like it had no emotion, it was shaped like a small grey alien. At this point I was absolutely terrified and didn’t know if it was a positive or negative experience, I was totally baffled! I wish I could have understood exactly what went on.

I know for some people reading this it may sound really farfetched and I understand, but I have kept this to myself since 2005 and only revealing it now because I totally understand what had happened to me and can warn others against it. I was heavily into the new age and its philosophy that we all lived in an illusion, that we were really all one consciousness and that aliens were making themselves known to us now to help us evolve into spiritual beings.  I thought that I was evolving into a higher state of being because I was gaining psychic ability and that I had the gift of second sight, I could predict things that would come true. This second sight gave me the ability to be very creative with my artwork and music creating. Although I was gaining these cool gifts, they also had side effects which included extreme migraines, bleeding nose and heart palpitations. I started becoming very depressed, but used meditation to uplift myself mostly daily. I used to get drained of energy to the point sometimes I couldn’t even walk or be bothered to get up and do anything. I put it down to using these gifts that drained me, later I would learn the truth.
At the time the new agers called these “ascension symptoms” and I used to question that if these gifts were so good why did it take a huge toll on my body? If I was evolving into a spiritual body then surely I could get fewer symptoms. Funny thing is I never got the cold or flu for years and I took this as a sign that it was working, but instead I gained extremely painful migraines nearly every day and heavy nose bleeds, they started happening around the time I started my job in Jewson. I thought maybe it was the computers or lighting that did this, but now I know better.


I moved from the country to town and suddenly I had huge interest from women, maybe it was because I had my own place and lived in town now. I dated a few women but never blossomed into anything, about a year later I met up with my ex girlfriend who I met online.
I had been friends with her since I was 16 and we pretty much talked every day till we met, we had this really strong connection. First day I met her and I saw her I fell in love instantly, never felt anything like it in my life. She was also a spiritual person so felt I had a deeper connection, I knew about her past and her history with her being a Goth and a Satanist in school. Being around the wrong crowd and having friends who were involved with witch craft. At the time it didn’t bother me because I thought she left all that behind and was more spiritual now, but if I mentioned God she would show hatred and blame but then said she didn’t believe in God. I used to ask how she can believe in spirits and not gods-not-deadGod? Anyway, because I loved her what she believed didn’t matter, I knew she suffered with strong depression and had spiritual trouble; I believed I could help her through what she was going through, because what I had dealt with in my own life. Whilst she was staying at my house I noticed she brought an evil presence in my house, like the one I had to deal with years previous. I thought to myself “oh great not this again” this entity purely messed with us both to the point I felt like giving up, It used to tell her disturbing things and what I witnessed that happened to her, took me years to get over. I won’t get too much in detail with this because it was pretty disturbing for me what I witnessed, I remember one night this thing attacked us with full force, my only option was to pray to God and ask for help, this white light appeared to both of us and washed away this presence and left us both seeing and feeling this warmth and we both felt clean and happy. She asked me how did I do that but I didn’t tell her as she wouldn’t believe me.
A year and a half of dealing with this horrible crap and constant battle with these entities I had enough and had to say goodbye to her, I don’t think I could have hacked it any longer, it shown no signs of leaving. It was such a shame because my love for her still remained but I knew it was killing me.

I was glad to have finally got over it all a couple years later, was very tough for me. I fell into another relationship which had no spiritual issues which I was glad of. My latest one this year (2013) was where I drew the line! But before I get to my life changing moment, I want to talk about some of the things I got involved with couple years prior.


I got involved with another group (should of learned my lesson by now) that held conference talks locally, it was full of truth seekers and spiritual people like me so I attended every week. Some dodgy characters there and one individual I kept getting a bad feeling about. Every time I was there I had this gut feeling again like there was something evil lurking about, some of the people who were talking revealed shocking information and truths that scared the living daylights out of me. I stopped going because I saw things I never seen before and they shook me up. The final thing I saw still remains in my memory. Graham Hancock was due to talk at one of these conferences and I was very excited, I was a huge fan of his books! He is very well known in the world on such subjects as ancient civilizations and structures. I really wanted to go meet him, but all day I had this constant bad gut feeling that something really bad was going to happen. I couldn’t shake this feeling off all day, but I went anyway. While I was sitting there and Hancock came out and I was excited about talking to him about my DMT sleeve, as his conference was about DMT and the shamans. As he was talking I noticed one of the main guys kept getting up and walking out, still having this bad feeling I was questioning what the hell was going on? An old woman got up and walked out, and then five minutes later her daughter. All of a sudden we all heard this scream in pure terror, made me feel sick to my stomach, still will never forget this scream. Me and my mate looked at each other and realised something bad had happened and my gut feeling was right. This old woman collapsed and got taken away in an ambulance, never heard what happened to her. From then on I stopped going to these talks.


The next year I got involved in another group of spiritual people (again not learnt my lesson).
It went ok for a year or so but I started seeing their true colours and who they really were, I backed out of this ASAP, I really want to tell people what happened but it involves local people and groups so I’m leaving this part out.

Just before this, I befriended a very nice woman that owned a smoothie shop just round alien-2the corner, I saw her book collection one day as I was waiting at the counter and realised she read the same kind of books I did. I began asking her about them and her interests, we realised we had a lot in common so we became very good friends. The summer after that she asked me if I wanted to go to Wiltshire to see some crop circles, I obviously said yes. I had been research crop circles previously so I couldn’t wait to go see real ones. We eventually went and I got to see Avesbury, wow what an amazing little place! It had a really mystical feeling I couldn’t really explain. I must have seen three or four real crop circles and I was blown away! The energy and the radiation that emanated off them was overwhelming, unfortunately on my way back I got very ill and stayed ill for two weeks.

My current relationship is where my life changed dramatically and shown me the truth that had been waiting for me for a long time. I had begun working for the council this year (2013) emptying the bins locally and I would drive all day on my own. I just got into a relationship where I thought I would settle down finally. Couldn’t believe my luck that I thought I found a nice girl and settle down. Few weeks after I got into a relationship all these issues with entities started happening again and I was constantly under attack, I had noticed that these entities manipulated people close to me to attack me, as they had trouble doing it directly. One of my close friends has been very badly attacked since his childhood and for years I have been helping him deal with these attacks as best as I could, but nothing I could do was ever good enough to get rid of them completely. Somehow I could get rid of them in my own life but not in anyone else’s. Through my life I had encountered people who had dealt with these demons and suffered a great deal. Through my own experience with them I learnt a great deal about them and the symptoms that came with having them around.
I later learned that experience I had with the alien was a demonic entity, they need to be “invited” in and they will trick you by taking form of something you may accept.


It didn’t help I was having trouble with the relationship and the relationship with my friends either, This entity was pretty bad and I came to learn that the majority of people having at least one demon or negative spirit around them, sometimes invited in unknowingly or placed there by someone else. Usually people in witch craft know more about these spirits as they use them for their own purposes. For years I had been suffering bad heart problems and palpitations, like something was squeezing my heart and it kept skipping beats and felt under pressure by something. My friend also had this symptom to the point he would pass out. Also my migraines got more severe but I noticed something about this spirit that set it apart from the others, it was more vicious and had the ability to mess with my head and I almost went insane. I had not been in a position before where I lost my mind, even in the peak of my psychedelic experiences. This thing was strong, it messed with my girlfriends head and my own, I really couldn’t explain to her what was going on, she might have not understood, but I did. I was getting thoughts that weren’t mybattlefirld-mind own, horrible thoughts and visions about people closest to me, betraying me behind my back and it gave me insane paranoia and depression, I literally had not been through anything this bad before. The battle didn’t seem outside of me anymore but the battle was inside my own head, felt like a battle for my life. I couldn’t sleep and kept waking up with the bed soaking wet and felt exhausted. This battle was constant, a mental battle that went on for weeks and I almost gave up. My whole life was falling apart, with my family and friends too and I needed to stop this. This is hard for me to admit, some may think it’s all rubbish but I assure you, it’s something me and my friends have been through and still discuss currently. One day I was being attacked so bad I couldn’t move or get out the van, had no energy at all, felt like this all week and finally I had enough. I started research on demons and how to stop attacks, the information I came across about demons struck home, as it talked about exactly what I had been through and what I knew about them was true.


Through the years I had these niggling gut feelings about what if this matrix we live in was actually created by an evil god, why demons roam the earth and why the new world order was so evil. I knew that pure evil was controlling the ruling elite whether it was negative aliens or evil spirits working through them. Finally in my life everything started clicking together and I started tracing things back to their origins. I traced freemasonry back, I traced the Illuminati back and I also traced my beliefs back with the new age philosophies. I was really getting into ancient civilizations and their dealings with these other worldly beings. I had to go over everything all again because I knew I was missing something crucial, there was a final piece of the puzzle I was missing that was blow everything widenew-agebeliefs open. I started asking the questions why all these new agers where exposing the government and the Illuminati but getting away with it Scott free, but these celebs who signed oaths and got famous, once they realised what they did and tried to repent they were all killed for trying to expose the Illuminati in the music industry. I became suspicious that all these new age teachers were exposing the new world agenda while pushing another agenda that really supported it and helped them. I made a connection that the freemasonic core philosophies were exactly the same as the new age philosophies! I then began asking the question, is Lucifer the good guy? This is their belief and the belief of theosophists. I already knew these secret societies and mystery schools worshipped Lucifer as their god but I didn’t realise the new age movement was luciferian too, when I found this out I had a massive realization that I had been deceived, and I needed to drop this lifestyle immediately.



I researched this as much as I could, I watched something on YouTube called “Aquarius the age of evil” a two and a half hour film on how the new age is a deception and the whole world is being set up for the biggest deception in human history. I for one fell for this deception because I got too hooked up on the information side of things, I was being initiated into the mystery schools without even knowing it, because the new age teachings is actually our most ancient knowledge, I thought that it was true and that our government was hiding it from us, only keeping it to themselves to gain power. But people in power don’t look or act spiritual do they? Anyway this is just the tip of the iceberg, The more I researched aliens, the new age and the new world order I realised they were all the same thing, even though all my life I had been a massive believer in aliens, I’ve seen several UFO’s (some of my friends are witness to this) and I met alien spirit beings, I realised they weren’t aliens at all. These spirits are actually demons deceiving the human race! They pose as any form that will be accepted in any given culture, in the past they took form or fairies, elves and other mystical creatures. The native Indians would see them as spirit animals; most ancient cultures would see them as serpent beings or gods. The bible mentions the fallen angels that took human wives and these wives gave birth to these abominations who were giants (nephilim).


I always thought these were aliens that came down and did this, but I realised they were indeed fallen angels that posed as our gods and deceived our race, and the same was about to happen again. They did tell our ancestors that they came from the stars, and they had incredible knowledge and technology, it’s easy to see how we would of been deceived back in those days, if you looked properly at ancient history you would see amazing building techniques and knowledge about astrology. I also noticed how heart sacrifices were introduced into these societies as offerings to the gods, also child and animal sacrifices, why would aliens demand blood and organs? Or even flesh sacrifices? I realised that only Satan worshippers do these things for power. It doesn’t make sense that aliens would do satanic rituals. I did a lot of research on Satanism and demonology to help me understand what was going on. A few people around me came to the same revelations I had at the same time and we all confirmed our new beliefs based on our own experiences, I then realised the bible was actually true, the things I got into and the truths I uncovered seemed to correspond exactly to what the bible warns against! The bible is the most anti Illuminati book out there, I began watching ex Satanist testimonies and how they were saved from their wrong doings. I realised ALL demonic and alien abductions could be stopped by asking for Jesus Christ’s help, and all these Satanists were saved by Jesus. So I thought why not give it a try what do I have to lose? So one day I asked for his help and prayed to him.
When I started coming to the revelation Jesus was the only way to God,

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.John 14 v 6

the demons that were in me tormenting me, suddenly turned on me attacked me as hard as they could. I was in my work van trying to ask Jesus to forgive me of being in the new age, and repented of all my sins, the demons tried suffocating me and I was so lethargic I could barely do anything, I felt like collapsing on the floor and dying. My chest got reallyshine-a-light tight and something was stopping me from confessing Jesus, but I finally managed to call out to him and give my life to him! Suddenly this bright white light appeared from somewhere, it was like from outside of my view and I felt that loving warmth shine on me, filling me with God’s love, peace and joy! Jesus Instantly delivered me of the demons that had tormented me for years.

For three days I underwent an extreme transformation and overwhelming changes and emotions. My depression just disappeared, my extreme migraines disappeared and my heart of stone turned into a heart of flesh, just as it said in the scriptures! Couldn’t believe it really, everything that I had been through in my life just went away in a few days and I was a new person, I became happy and my mind became pure again. No longer had bad or ill thoughts like I used to, but felt spiritually clean for once in my life, felt like a breath of fresh air! As I write this now (December 29th 2013) this change happened in September as I was coming close to finishing my job. And I have to say I’ve never been this good EVER, still no depression or migraines.


I can understand if this sounds too religious for some people, but what if the bible was right? It was the final piece of the puzzle, and its bang on about everything I came to realize. Still reading it now and its mind blowing, it warns against these false prophets in the world today and the new world order that will pave way for a utopia and a false Christ that will deceive the whole world. It warns against spirituality, psychics and mediums and that they are being fooled by demons. This is the truth, as I learnt for myself. These following chapters will go in depth about the coming deception and what’s happening in the world, and I will trace it back to our origins. I will try as much as I can to stick to the facts, my last book dealt with my actual experiences in the new age and spirituality, and my beliefs.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of this book


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Caleb Keogh


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