Snoopers bill-1984



The U.K Parliament have moved one step closer to a totalitarian state with Theresa may pushing the bill not long after entering 10 downing street. The police have for years been able to infringe on the privacy of suspected criminals in the past and of course, we had the Sun Phone Hacking Scandal that resulted in the closure of the news of the world, and upset Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB takeover bid and was key in the arrest of several key figures.

The Investigatory Powers Bill that will be passed in a few weeks time will make it mandatory for Internet companies to keep records on their clients for up to a year not only that but it allows the Government to pressure Companies to hack and break into things they have sold to be spied on. This has been fought by companies such as Apple and social media giants like Twitter


The Snoopers Charter:-

  • The proposed Investigatory Powers Bill is the biggest overhaul of surveillance laws for 15 years
  • Security experts say existing powers don’t cover the mass of communication that takes place on web and mobile platforms
  • Attempts to introduce a similar bill failed in 2013 under previous Coalition government
  • It will allow ministers to retain the power to sign off warrants for intrusive surveillance
  • It will force internet and communications companies to retain customer usage data for one year

which aims to bring all existing powers under one bill, after accusations it had failed to make its case. Ministers are facing a tough battle to have the Bill passed by the end of the year, when laws governing some powers fall away. With those opposing the bill are concerned at the speed the bill is being passed.That has led to the bill including measures that are still undefined and so could be used by the government to force companies to do almost anything,


Fabien Goerge Orwell’s Jesuit blueprint for the new world Order 1984 is quickly becoming a reality giving police more powers to enter into the public domain with more powers than before, the new law stems from the public controversy surrounding the pre-existing cyber-surveillance law RIPA which had allowed the spy network GCHQ to collect bulk data on its citizens. This was one of the secret operations exposed by Edward Snowden. with all the Vails falling and the Truthers coming out about Agenda 21,Chemtrails HAARP and vaccines all part of the Hegelian dialectic the bandwagon is near completion for the 1%.

Caleb Keogh





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