A Father That Money Can’t Buy-James Perry


For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11  

This is a short but powerful Testimony James Perry was abandoned as a child after his Mother remarried the new Husband was abusive towards James and he was put into the care system. From Pillar to post James went Empty and Rejection following him into his adult life after troubles James came to a low point and bumping into two friends you had turned their lives around, in my opinion, James got something money can’t buy a father that will love him no matter what happens.James found the Truth and that Truth Led him to the Father.

Background to James.

In James’ teenage years he realised that the world around him was made by an intelligence, he went on a search to find that “intelligence” He had no time for God as heJohn 8 v 32.jpg hated Him , blaming Him for the turmoil of his younger life. James turned to the occult and the emerging new age movement , searching for the “truth” and the meaning of life , this fuelled a hunger for the spiritual in him From the age of 15  James started smoking drugs and quickly descended by the age of 17 into a life of crime to fund his drug and alcohol addiction ,James was eventually sent to Youth Custody where he was incarcerated for nearly 3 years.

After many years of drug and alcohol  addiction, James had a moment of clarity and gave both up in one night, a month later he was “saved” and found peace. the love of Jesus and the reality of God as a loving father started to enter into James’ life.

Today there is many who have been through rejection and abuse as a child and grow up undecided in who they are and are wounded emotionally and if not dealt with will grow and fester into spiritual wounds. The Spirit of rejection can come from doors opening early on in life even in the Womb if the mother shows resentment towards her unborn child the study of Epigenetics can shed light on this from a worldly scientific basis.Rejection comes in many forms and some signs are.

  • Rebellion in both children and adults
  • Fabricated personalities (being somebody you aren’t, in order to be accepted)
  • The tendency to reject others, so that you aren’t the first one to be rejected
  • A tendency to always wonder if a person rejects or accepts you
  • The need to fit in or be accepted by others and be a part of everything
  • Self-pity where a person feels bad for themselves being all alone
  • Inability to be corrected or receive constructive criticism
  • Rejection creates an environment where you are starved for love or just don’t fit in
  • A tendency to blame God (“Why did He give me this big nose? Why did God make me so short?”)
  • A sense of pride that says, “How dare they reject me!”

The truth of the Matter is we were created to be loved,accepted and appreciated this Spirit of rejection is from the Enemy as it opposes everything that “The Great I Am” is and the nature he created in us. Rejection  draws all the nourishment of Love that we as humans need and were designed to basically function properly on worship is another that’s why Satan has zoned in on a counterfeit “the music industry” to replace worship and if you remember the drug of the 80s onwards “E” the counterfeit love drug. What happens is we look for love in all the wrong places from  Religion to Idols and the worst people when we turn to others or even ourselves for that love and acceptance, we are setting ourselves up for failure and the damage of rejection.THE only thing that can FILL that void is Christ and he reconciles us to the Father.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 1 John 4 v 4 

And that’s why I called this “A Father money Can’t buy”James has something money cant buy James has got a father who will never leave or forsake him and he is now able to love for the first time. He has worked with local young people for over 16 years. he has a passion for seeing young people fulfil their own potential, and experiencing the freedom for achieving this in life. He is also a radio presenter of Walking Tall on Eternal radio James has also had the Privilege to join others like Laura Maxwell.. and Jason Carter on the Christian network Premier radio.

Healed of chronic depression and mental illness James now works to help others going through the things he once went through, he has worked with young people for over 16 years  both in church and in the secular world.Alongside his wife Esther  of whom between them have 6 wonderful kids he is Coordinator of the charity Change in the UK. Jim also works with disengaged young people in the secular sector both in school  and at various other locations.James is available for talks and seminars and consultancy work both in and out of Church. God has given Jim a full life and the Lord “Has restored the years the Locusts have eaten”.James is on facebook and you can contact him at.


Caleb Keogh.







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